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Writing Your Resume Objective:

Your resume object is the first thing on your resume, below your contact information. It is the statement, which can make or break your resume’s ability to help you acquire a phone or personal interview. Your goal within your resume objective should be to show an interest in long term employment with a company, but it must not be too specific. Basically, a resume objective informs the reader of the position you are seeking as well as one or two major details about the position you are seeking. For example, engineers are part of nearly any manufacturing environment, so an objective for an engineer, would identify his field and job market such as:

“Electrical Controls Engineer position for bioprocess or pharmaceutical manufacturing.”

Notice how this objective serves 2 purposes: 1.) It identifies the engineer’s job market. 2.) It utilizes industry keywords, which may be searched for in a job search engine.

The basic rule for writing your resume objective is to tailor it according to your needs. If you are posting a general resume to a job board, you may not want to be too specific. If you are applying for a specific position at a particular company, then you may want to tailor your resume objective to fit that position’s job description.

Resume Objective Examples:

Customer Service Resume Objective:
Attain full time employment with a company providing service via phone and online helpdesk support.

Education Resume Objective:
Full-time employment as a Math, Algebra, or Geometry teacher at the high school level.

Engineer Resume Objective:
Obtain a full-time position as an Electrical Controls Engineer with a pharmaceutical manufacturing company.

Entry Level Resume Objective:
Attain full time employment as an Information Technology Specialist with a company that offers internal opportunities for growth and advancement.

Finance Resume Objective:
Full-time Financial Accounts Payable position, which will enable me to use my strong accounts tracking skills, prior work experiences, and ability to work well with multiple departments in a large corporate setting.

General Resume Objective:
Bioprocess Equipment Sales position within a well established company, with a history of financial stability, offering travel and new accounts opportunities.

Human Resources Resume Objective:
HR Manager position offering staffing and benefits management opportunities.

Internship Resume Objective:
Quality Control Internship offering experience in real world statistics and Six-Sigma applications, which may lead to full-time employment after graduation.

Information Technology Resume Objective:
Information Technology Specialist position where I can implement my expertise in server and database management.

Law Enforcement Resume Objective:
Full time employment in law enforcement for a city or township that will utilize my eight years of field experience.

Legal Resume Objective:
Paralegal position within a well established firm, with a history of financial stability, that will develop into a lasting career.

Manufacturing Resume Objective:
Manufacturing Department Manager position within the food processing and manufacturing industry.

Military Resume Objective:
Full time employment with an established security company, that will make use of my 6 years military experience.

Nursing Resume Objective:
To provide premium healthcare as a CNA at a medical family practice, which will incorporate my patient communication, CNA skill set, and patient information tracking skills.

Pharmaceutical Resume Objective:
Attain full time employment at a pharmaceutical manufacturing company where I can implement my management skills, quality assurance knowledge, and GMPA experience.

Sales Manager Resume Objective:
Lead a group as a full time sales manager and implement integrated sales strategies in order to develop and expand existing customer sales, increase brand awareness, and improve team marketing strategies.

Secretary Resume Objective:
Full time employment as an experienced secretary, providing office coordination, with the opportunity to learn and improve career skills.

*Note: These resume objectives are intended to serve only as examples. Your resume objective may need to be customized to suit your needs.

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