Prior Military Resume Example

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Name and Contact Information:
Providing your complete contact information is integral being granted an interview. Many professionals, who are passively searching for a better job than the one they already have, will oftentimes not list their name. This is out of fear of losing their current job position. Regardless of your attempts to "cover your tracks" you must leave a form of contact. Not having your name on you r resume will definitely hurt your chances.

Career Position & Description:
Recruiters and Human Resources professionals will be seeking a particular target position. By placing the position title and it's description at the top of your resume, you will increase the likelihood that you will be called for your targeted career.
Now that job banks utilize search engines within their websites, it is absolutely necessary that you place keyphrases into your resume. Search engines search for keyword density. For example, if a recruiter or company was searching for a Hardware Electrical Engineer, then the search would find resumes containing that keyphrase. Don’t go crazy with keyphrases in your resume though, because too high of a keyword density will reduce your resume’s quality. Listing keyphrases as shown to the left is an accepted practice.

List your accomplishments with each corresponding position that you held, when you made the accomplishment. Do so by citing specific examples and using actual values. Numbers stand out from text within a resume. If you managed to increase sales at a company, then by how much did you increase them? If you influenced safety, then approximately how many accidents did you prevent or eliminate? Actual values present quantitative results. Most people will only include qualitative values and results on their resumes. Numbers will make all the difference.

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