Job Interview Tips: Here you will find numerous videos with job interview tips, questions, and tricks, which may help you get the career you're seeking.

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Interview Tips: Tell me about yourself -- the GOOD answer

Interview Tips: Tell me about yourself -- the BAD answer

Interview Tips: Tell me about a weakness, the GOOD answer

Interview Tips: Why should we hire you? - the GOOD answer

Interview Tips: What are your salary expectations? - GOOD ex

Interview Tips:Why do you want to work here? the GOOD answer

Interview Tips: Describe going above & beyond at work. GOOD

Interview Tips: Tell about a weakness, the BAD answer

Interview Tips: What is your biggest failure?- the BAD ex.

Interview Tips: Share a conflict resolution, the GOOD answer

These video interview tips are intended to aid you in preparing for an interview. Prior to arriving at your scheduled interview, you are most likely going to seek the advice of your friends and family. Another helpful tactic includes rehearsing in front of a mirror as you answer some of the typical job interview questions you will most likely be asked at your interview.

If you will look to the left, you will notice that we have taken the liberty of providing situational videos, based on popular job interview questions. Take note of how the actors and actresses in these videos behave when they provide their answers. Some of the Do’s and Don’ts have been overly emphasized in order to draw your attention. Rehearse your own answers to the questions in your head and remember what you have learned in these videos.

Remember, you can pause for a little bit prior to answering any job interview question. During that pause, think about what the employer wants to hear. You do not need to say any more than you have to and you do not have to speak negatively about yourself by any means.

- The Career Rush Staff